VoiceJungle: Fast, Affordable, Professional Voiceovers

This last week I was in a bit of a bind. I had to release a podcast but didn’t have the intro and outro with me. I did my best to record it myself, but having me on the intro and outro as well as the podcast didn’t sound professional. A quick search online and I found VoiceJungle, and I decided to give the service a try. The site had a ton of voices to

How to Write a Powerful and Effective Explainer Video Script

I’m finishing up with the production of a video explainer for a client of ours this week. It’s been a simple process, but it was essential that I narrowed down the script to ensure it was as brief, impactful, and thorough as possible to ensure the explainer video has maximum impact. Some statistics on Explainer Videos: The investment in an explainer video is a must if your company continues to struggle to describe and illustrate

Filter Subdomains in Google Analytics

With software as a service (SaaS) vendors like Compendium, you delegate a subdomain and host your blog on a different subdomain than your website. Commonly, this is accomplished with blog.domain.com and www.domain.com. Typically companies implement a totally separate account in Google Analytics to monitor the blog subdomain. It’s actually not necessary. Google Analytics will allow you to monitor multiple subdomains within a single profile. To do this, you simply add a line of code to