Presentation: How to Supercharge Your Event

I’ve been a longtime fan of Hugh McLeod and his art at gapingvoid for many, many years. Hugh recently published this presentation on supercharging your event. Too many event marketers believe that marketing ends once the event begins. In this day of search and social media, though, supercharging your event with the right offerings and opportunities will push the success of your event – and subsequent events for months and years to come. When I

5 Ways to Kill Your Competition with Content

Someone asked on Quora if their blog could compete in an overly crowded segment of the blogosphere. The question was too good to answer there… I wanted to share my answer with all of you. Of course they can compete! Great content will always rise to the top, regardless of how crowded the space is. Different techniques you can apply are: Be fast – If you’re the first site or blog to repeatedly capture a

4 Questions to Ask Your Website Visitor

Avinash Kaushik is a Google Analytics Evangelist. You’ll find his blog, Occam’s Razor, is an outstanding web analytics resource. The video can not be embedded, but you can click through on the following image: Avinash touches on fantastic insights, including analyzing what is NOT in your website that should be. Avinash mentions iperceptions, a company who assists companies understand customer satisfaction. They simply ask 4 questions: 4 Questions to Ask Your Website Visitor Who is