Citations and Co-Citations for Local SEO

The pagerank algorithm was largely gamed because all it required was a black-hat SEO person building keyword-rich links back to a site. Over time, regardless of where the links were built, the site would rise in rank. Google knew that their search engine results were being gamed and subsequently strengthened their algorithms to pick up other quality queues. The quality of the linking site and relevance of the content their played a role as well

Increase Blog Traffic by Reviving Old Blog Posts

Although I’m nearing 2,000 blog posts on Martech Zone, it doesn’t mean that all the hard work I’ve poured into each post is recognized. Few people realize it, but it is possible to revive old blog posts and get new traffic. This week a new product hit the market that’s incredible for reviving old blog posts. (It can also be used on web pages, too, of course). SEOPivot analyzes the pages of your site and