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  • Search MarketingSearch Engine Results Page Click-Through Rate by Rank (SERP CTR)

    What Is The Average Click-Through Rate By SERP Rank In 2023?

    Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are the dynamic output of a search engine’s query or search term input. In a dynamic shift from traditional pagination, search engines have now adopted an infinite scroll format where users no longer browse through multiple numbered pages. Instead, they encounter a seamless flow of results loading as they scroll down. Before the change, heatmaps…

  • Analytics & TestingIdentify SEO Opportunities for Organic Ranking with SEMRush

    How To Identify SEO Opportunities On Your Site To Improve Ranking In Search Results Using Semrush

    Over the years, I’ve assisted hundreds of organizations with building out their content strategies and improving their overall search engine visibility. The process is fairly straight forward: Performance – Ensure their site performs well with regard to speed.Device – Ensure their site experience is superior on desktop and especially mobile.Branding – Ensure their site is attractive, easy-to-use, and is consistently…

  • Content Marketing
    how to write good titles

    How to Write A Title That Makes Visitors Engage

    Publications always have the benefit of wrapping their headlines and titles with powerful imagery or explanations. In the digital realm, those luxuries often do not exist. Everyone’s content looks very similar in a Tweet or Search Engine Result. We must grab busy readers’ attention better than our competitors so that they click-through and get the content they are seeking. On…

  • Search Marketingincognito

    Checking Your Site’s Rank with Personalized Search

    One of my clients called last week and asked why, when she searched, her site was first in the rankings but another person had her down the page a bit. If you hadn’t heard the ruckus, Google has turned on personalized search results permanently. That means that based on your search history, your results will differ. If you’re checking your…

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