Video: Local Search Strategies are Key for Large Brands

A recent post we did on 6 Keyword Misconceptions spoke to the misconception that national or international businesses should avoid local search. It’s not only a misconception, it’s a huge mistake. Developing an SEO strategy that ranks you regionally can be less competitive, require less resources, and increase your overall returns. And it doesn’t discount you ranking on non-geographic keywords or phrases. Quite the opposite, ranking well locally can drive your rank nationally and internationally.

What’s a Yooba?

Just got a note from a communicator (great title) at, a web-based service that’s preparing to launch this Spring. The video is a little cryptic but the content on the site is compelling: Yooba is a web based B2B service for marketing professionals. Our aim is to make it possible for you to focus on creativity and achievements. Yooba gives you an all-inclusive platform for your digital marketing experience. We provide hosting and database