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  • Search MarketingGoogle Search Algorithm Updates through 2023

    History of Google Algorithm Updates (Updated for 2023)

    A search engine algorithm is a complex set of rules and processes that a search engine uses to determine the order in which web pages are displayed in search results when a user enters a query. The primary goal of a search engine algorithm is to provide users with the most relevant and high-quality results based on their search queries.…

  • Artificial IntelligenceReword: Collaborative AI Writing Tool to Generate Content

    Reword: How To Collaborate With AI Writing Tools To Win Search And Drive Business

    I purchased research and content from writers for years to assist me and our clients. Since generative artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved, I’ll be honest that I’ve shifted that entire budget to AI writing tools. Here’s a typical scenario for how we research and generate content using AI: Research: We utilize SEO platforms like Semrush to identify gaps in our…

  • Search MarketingSearch Engine Results Page Click-Through Rate by Rank (SERP CTR)

    What Is The Average Click-Through Rate By SERP Rank In 2023?

    Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are the dynamic output of a search engine’s query or search term input. In a dynamic shift from traditional pagination, search engines have now adopted an infinite scroll format where users no longer browse through multiple numbered pages. Instead, they encounter a seamless flow of results loading as they scroll down. Before the change, heatmaps…

  • Search MarketingSEO Copywriting Tips and Tools

    What Are The Top SEO Copywriting Tips for 2023?

    A core of our marketing work with clients is developing their content library to drive more qualified leads and help them convert faster. Organic search is the primary channel for this traffic because search provides more intent to purchase than virtually every other acquisition channel. Simply put… if I believe I’m going to make a purchase but wish to research…

  • Search MarketingGoogle Authorship Discontinued, rel="author"

    Google Authorship Was Discontinued, But rel=”author” Doesn’t Hurt

    Google Authorship was a feature that allowed Google to identify the author of a piece of content and display their name and profile photo alongside the content in search engine result pages (SERPs). It also was included as a direct ranking factor for content. Authorship was designated by adding rel=”author” markup to the content, which linked it to the author’s…

  • Analytics & TestingIdentify SEO Opportunities for Organic Ranking with SEMRush

    How To Identify SEO Opportunities On Your Site To Improve Ranking In Search Results Using Semrush

    Over the years, I’ve assisted hundreds of organizations with building out their content strategies and improving their overall search engine visibility. The process is fairly straight forward: Performance – Ensure their site performs well with regard to speed.Device – Ensure their site experience is superior on desktop and especially mobile.Branding – Ensure their site is attractive, easy-to-use, and is consistently…

  • Search MarketingLocal SEO on a budget

    How to do Effective Local SEO on a Budget

    Over time, SEO has become more challenging and more rigorous, but should that necessarily mean more expensive? Not all companies that need SEO services are Internet-based or IT-related. The majority are small, local businesses that serve a specific geographic area. These folks need local SEO rather than traditional, national SEO. Local businesses and individuals — dentists, plumbers, apparel stores, electronic…

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