How to Monitor Your Organic Search (SEO) Performance

Having worked to improve the organic performance of every type of site – from mega sites with millions of pages, to ecommerce sites, to small and local businesses, there’s a process that I take that helps me to monitor and report my clients’ performance. Amongst digital marketing firms, I don’t believe my approach is unique… but it is much more thorough than the typical organic search (SEO) agency. My approach is not difficult, but it

The Most Expensive Paid Search Terms on Bing – And How to Avoid Them

The old adage that A fool and his money are soon parted may be the most appreciated sayings by pay-per-click search platforms like Bing. I’ve never wasted more money on marketing than I did on set it and forget it paid search marketing where I neglected to do a little research and keep an eye on my marketing dollars. Here are the top 5… {insert joke about lawyers here} Lawyer – $109.21 Attorney – $101.77