Searchmetrics: An Enterprise, Data-Driven SEO Platform

There are dozens of SEO tools available with more flooding the market every month. The problem with the majority these tools are that they focus on metrics that may have been important years ago, but aren’t anymore. Searchmetrics is an enterprise, data-driven SEO platform that continues to evolve and deliver results for its clients – internationally. Today’s search engines index and rank an ever-expanding Web much faster and more accurately than their predecessors. They’ve evolved

Requesting Your Input on SEO Tools for an Analyst Report

We’ve been hard at work recently putting together a comprehensive analyst report on the state, history and current best practices when it comes to search engine optimization. The industry exploded over the years but has been turned upside down over the last couple. We believe there’s still quite a bit of confusion with companies on what works, what doesn’t work, who to consult with and what tools are available. Tools will be key in our