How To Know Your B2B Customers With Machine Learning

B2C firms are considered as the front-runners in customer analytics initiatives. Various channels like e-commerce, social media, and mobile commerce have enabled such businesses to sculpt marketing and offer excellent customer services. Especially, extensive data and advanced analytics via machine learning procedures have enabled B2C strategists to better recognize consumer behavior and their activities through online systems.  Machine learning also offers an emerging capability to obtain insights on business customers. However, adoption by B2B firms

How to Implement a Knowledge Base Solution

This afternoon I was assisting a client who added a certificate for SSL and retired their www from their URL. In order to properly redirect traffic, we needed to write a rule for Apache in an .htaccess file. We have a number of Apache experts that I could have contacted for the solution, but instead, I just searched a few knowledge bases online and found the appropriate solution. I didn’t have to speak to anyone,

Self-Service and Search Engines

One means of improving customer retention and overall customer satisfaction is to produce content that helps customers help themselves. Not only are there improvements to customer satisfaction, there’s a direct cost-savings associated with customers not tying up your customer services lines. Publishing your knowledge base, frequently-asked questions, snippets and examples where search engines can find them makes this possible – not putting them behind a login for fear of competitors finding them. Recent studies tell

Improvements in Intelligent Self-Service

If you’re like me, you despise dealing with customer service. It’s not that I don’t like the people – they do their best. But more often than not, I know more about the problem I’m running into than they do. I hate sitting on the phone on hold for 5 minutes, followed by a discussion for 15 minutes, followed by escalation and more waits and explanations. Most issues I fix myself, or I turn to

KANA Express: Customer Experience Management

We consult with many mid-size and large companies that decide to jump into a social marketing program only to find that they didn’t foresee the immediate demand on customer service. An unhappy customer doesn’t care that you opened a Twitter account or published a Facebook page for your marketing outreach… they’re going to take advantage of the medium to request service. And since it’s a public forum, you better provide them with it. Fast. This

Are you troubled by Noobs?

One of the benefits (some people think it’s a curse) of being technically addicted, er… savvy, is that everyone else is always asking you for assistance. My good friend and fellow Hoosier, Patric aka Mr. Noobie, is fully prepared to take this load off of your shoulders! Patric has had a growing website, Noobie, over the last year but it’s newly revamped layout and launch is incredible! Noobie, Inc. has a glossary, audio and video