How Should You Sell Online

Choosing where to sell your items online can be a bit like buying your first car. What you choose depends on what you are looking for, and the list of choices can be overwhelming. Community ecommerce sites offer an opportunity to tap into a very wide network of customers but they take a larger cut of the profits. If you wish to sell fast and aren’t worried about margins, they may be your best bet.

Buying Behavior Has Changed, Companies Have Not

Sometimes we do things simply because that’s the way it’s been done. No one remembers why exactly, but we keep doing it… even if it hurts us. When I view the typical sales and marketing hierarchy of modern companies, the structure hasn’t changed since we had sales people pushing pavement and dialing for dollars. In many of the companies I’ve visited, many “sales” are happening on the marketing side of the wall. Sales merely takes

Business Buyers are Different!

Copywriter Bob Bly has provided a list of reasons why marketing to businesses is very different from consumers. I’ve written about intent in past posts, and I believe this is a great example. The intent of a business buyer is unique when compared to consumers: The business buyer wants to buy. The business buyer is sophisticated. The business buyer will read a lot of copy. A multi-step buying process. Multiple buying influences. Business products are