The Data Points to a Surprise Super Bowl Commercial Winner

The most effective Super Bowl commercials may not be the ones you think. While our ability to collect data is growing, our ability to understand data is still catching up. At Perscio, our team of data scientists did a deeper analysis of Twitter activity during the Super Bowl and found that the most popular commercials aren’t necessarily the ones getting the best results. Also, at the end of this article is an interactive view of

Appinions: The Who, What and Which of Influence Marketing

Some marketing technology platforms age like fine wine as they continue to unwind the issues that plague marketers. Appinions appears to be one of those platforms. When we did a post a few years ago, it was a nice little platform that provided influence by topic and person – very useful at the time. Years later and it’s a comprehensive marketing platform that can help to develop content strategies for corporations to attain authority in

Brandwatch Social Media Monitoring

Marketers sometimes make the mistake of using tools like Google Alerts to monitor their brand. The problem with Google Alerts is that much of the content within social media isn’t identified, indexed and found as it happens. Companies need to respond to requests immediately. There’s a very high probability that you’re missing the conversation that’s happening if you’re not utilizing a real-time social media monitoring tool. Brandwatch lists a number of additional reasons why companies

Actionly Social Media Monitoring and Publishing

Actionly is an affordable social media monitoring and engagement suite that integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn and RSS feeds. Actionly provides Social Media Marketing Tools and a Social Media Monitoring platform. We enable agencies and businesses to connect with their customers on social networks. We monitor keywords across networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Flickr, and various other channels and pull together information so that users can view what their customers are

Social Radar Integrates with NetSuite’s SuiteCloud

Infegy’s Social Radar has integrated with NetSuite in a combined solution called Social Radar SuiteApp for NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Computing Platform. The integration extends the platform’s SuiteAnalytics with role-based analysis for historical trending of conversations, share of voice, key influencers, competitive insight, sentiment analysis, topics, and categories of interest and demographics. Companies can then use this information to build better products, tailor services, and fine tune campaigns to meet the specific desires of their targeted audiences,

Viralheat: Social Media Monitoring for SMBs

We’ve been on the lookout for a social media monitoring service for quite some time. A social media monitoring system allows you to set up brands and keywords and monitor various social media sites for mentions, sentiment and activity around those mentions. For companies, a social media monitoring strategy can be very lucrative for managing customer service issues, monitoring how people feel about your brand, and observing how well your social strategies are performing. At