Social Media Marketing 101

How do I get started on social media? This is a question that I continue to get when I speak on the impact of social media on a business’ marketing efforts. This infographic from Venngage walks a business through setting up and developing their strategy for marketing via social media. And there are some good tips in here for the established marketer as well! Choose Your Social Networks – Look for unique industry groups and

Hug Your Haters? Maybe It’s Love Your Lovers!

Jay Baer’s closing keynote was one of the best I’ve seen at Social Media Marketing World. Jay discussed his upcoming book, Hug Your Haters. His presentation was fantastic and teased some amazing research from Tom Webster and his team on how investment in resolving complaints swiftly and strategically would grow your business. The presentation speaks to some fantastic examples of companies responding to complaints and how it’s good for business. I’m a skeptic. In fact,

The Data Points to a Surprise Super Bowl Commercial Winner

The most effective Super Bowl commercials may not be the ones you think. While our ability to collect data is growing, our ability to understand data is still catching up. At Perscio, our team of data scientists did a deeper analysis of Twitter activity during the Super Bowl and found that the most popular commercials aren’t necessarily the ones getting the best results. Also, at the end of this article is an interactive view of

If You’re Collecting Data, Your Customer Has These Expectations

A recent report from redefines customer engagement in the age of digital transformation: Engagement 3.0: A New Model for Customer Engagement provides insight into the whole customer experience picture. Here are some key findings: 83% of customers feel positive about a business that puts to good use the information and data they hold on their customers, for example by highlighting details of products and services as well as offers that will be of benefit.

HTML Email + Alt Tags = More Bagels Sold

Tonight I received an email from Panera Bread. Like so many email programs nowadays, my email application automatically blocks images. As a result, here’s what the email looked like: Not too compelling… especially for a beautiful email that actually looked like this: I can’t imagine how many people deleted the email without reading it because… there was nothing to read if you didn’t download the images. This is a real problem with HTML emails… but