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  • Artificial IntelligencePredictive Sales Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Predictive AI: 5 Ways Organizations Are Using AI To Power Their Sales Efforts

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is now part of our daily lives thanks to smart assistants, self-driving cars, recommended products on e-commerce sites, and the rapid adoption of ChatGPT. You’ll likely hear it discussed around the office, from predictive and personalized marketing to sales forecasting and competitive intelligence. There’s obviously a lot of excitement and promise, but how do you engage?  How can you actually…

  • Marketing & Sales Videos
    Social Media Marketing 101

    Social Media Marketing 101

    How do I get started on social media? This is a question that I continue to get when I speak on the impact of social media on a business’ marketing efforts. First, let’s discuss why your company would want to be active on social media. Reasons Why Businesses Use Social Media Marketing Here’s a great explainer video on 7 ways…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingBrandmentions Reputation Monitoring, Search, Social Media, and Sentiment Analysis

    Brandmentions: Reputation Monitoring, Sentiment Analysis, and Alerts for Search and Social Media Mentions

    While most marketing tech platforms for reputation monitoring and sentiment analysis are focus purely on social media, Brandmentions is a comprehensive source for monitoring any or all mentions of your brand online. Any digital property that’s linked to your site or mentioned your brand, product, hashtag, or employee name… is monitored and tracked. And the Brandmentions platform provides alerts, tracking,…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingHow to improve your visual content

    4 Strategic Ways to Improve Your Visual Content

    We have now entered an era during which users want appealing content, and they want it quickly. In addition to making that possible, here’s why you should use visual content: Easy to share Simple to remember Fun and engaging It’s thus clear that you need to step up your visual marketing game. To help you, I’ve put together four strategies you can implement…

  • Marketing BooksHug Your Haters Jay Baer

    Hug Your Haters? Maybe It Should Be Love Your Lovers!

    Hug Your Haters by Jay Baer is a groundbreaking book that offers a fresh and practical approach to dealing with customer complaints in the digital age. Jay argues that businesses need to embrace complaints as an opportunity to improve their products, services, and customer experience. Jay provides compelling statistics and real-world examples to show that ignoring complaints can have a…

  • Analytics & Testingperscio touchdown

    The Data Points to a Surprise Super Bowl Commercial Winner

    The most effective Super Bowl commercials may not be the ones you think. While our ability to collect data is growing, our ability to understand data is still catching up. At Perscio, our team of data scientists did a deeper analysis of Twitter activity during the Super Bowl and found that the most popular commercials aren’t necessarily the ones getting…

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