10 Reasons Your Site Is Losing Organic Ranking… And What To Do

There are a number of reasons that your website may be losing its organic search visibility. Migration to a new domain – While Google offers a means for letting them know you’ve moved to a new domain via Search Console, there’s still the issue of ensuring every backlink out there resolves to a good URL on your new domain rather than a not found (404) page. Indexing permissions – I’ve seen many instances of people

12 Steps of SEO Recovery

We love having some fun with Infographics, so with all the talk of SEO woes and even our own talk of the death of SEO, we decided to come up with a 12 Step Program for SEO Consultants and put it into a humorous infographic! SEO Prayer: Google grant me the serenity to accept the rank I cannot change, the courage to change the content I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Of

Not All SEO Professionals Are Created Equal

While I was at Compendium, I was often confronted by SEO professionals who liked to challenge every little thing across the application. At issue was that these folks was used to working on a set number of pages with a few keywords and then maximizing the impact of those select pages. They weren’t used to using a platform where they could target hundreds of terms and write limitless amounts of good content to build results.

Has Your SEO Expert Increased Organic Traffic 84%?

This week I was motivated to do some research when I noticed an SEO expert being promoted on another company’s web site. The SEO guru in question has a blog that’s been around for more years than mine – so I was curious to compare our stats. I consult with many customers on search engine optimization, but I’ve never called myself an expert. Until now. I am changing my title based on the comparison to

You Don’t Need an SEO Expert!

There… I said it! I said it because I see all of the money spent on search engine optimization by small to mid-size businesses and I think it’s a racket. Here’s my view of the search engine optimization industry: The majority of Search Engine Optimization falls within writing great content, attracting authoritative backlinks to that content and following a few important best practices. These are all basics that anyone can follow – but most do