What is Search Engine Spam?

We’ve been on a pretty big kick lately warning you about search engine optimization techniques that are going to get you in trouble. Even if your site isn’t suffering today, Google continues to modify it’s algorithms and test new ones that will catch you tomorrow. Don’t be tempted to spam the search engines… it will catch up with you. This Search Infographic by SEO Book walks you through the different techniques that you must avoid

12 Steps of SEO Recovery

We love having some fun with Infographics, so with all the talk of SEO woes and even our own talk of the death of SEO, we decided to come up with a 12 Step Program for SEO Consultants and put it into a humorous infographic! SEO Prayer: Google grant me the serenity to accept the rank I cannot change, the courage to change the content I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Of

White Hat Monsters of SEO

It’s always great to see some humor used in some infographics. And it’s especially great to see those in the industry pushing great SEO practices. I’ve said that SEO is dead and this infographic speaks to that indirectly. The fact is that if you have a solid platform that presents your content appropriately, SEO is the easy part of the equation… the tough part is writing compelling content that your audience is going to share.