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  • Search MarketingWhat is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

    What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization In 2023

    One area of expertise that I’ve focused my marketing on over the last two decades is search engine optimization (SEO). In recent years, I’ve avoided classifying myself as an SEO consultant, though, because it has some negative connotations with it that I would like to avoid. I often conflict with other SEO professionals because they focus on algorithms over search…

  • Artificial IntelligenceAI-Driven SEO Is More Effective and Less Expensive Than Traditional SEO

    Alli AI: AI-driven SEO is More Effective and Less Expensive than Traditional SEO

    Back in 2012, I had written that SEO was dead. I fully admit that I was posting it as linkbait to get people to read the article. At that time, I was pushing hard for SEO consultants to stop wasting all of their time backlinking and scheming and… instead… focus on the quality of the content and optimizing conversion rates.…

  • Content Marketingconfessions seo

    Confessions of the SEO Marketers

    Search engine optimization is one piece of marketing optimization, and it can be as confusing and contrived as a parking sign in New York City. There’s so many people talking and writing about SEO and many contradict each other. I reached out to top contributors in the Moz community and asked them the same three questions: What SEO tactic that…

  • Search Marketingseo industry gravestone

    Google is Burying the SEO Industry

    I wrote the post, SEO is Dead, back in April. I still stand by that post… in fact, now more than ever. The purpose of the post wasn’t to attack search engine optimization as a viable online marketing strategy, the purpose was to drive marketers to move their focus away from the popular tactics associated with search engine optimization and…

  • Content MarketingScreen Shot 2012 04 06 at 8.35.14 AM

    SEO Is Dead

    SEO is dead as we know it. The old math of increased backlinks and stuffing keywords is now a target for Google to identify your site and bury it in the search results. SEO is no longer a math problem, it’s a human one. Social indicators are becoming key to ranking and link algorithms are being retired. It’s time for…

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