26 Steps to Creating a Successful Ecommerce Business in 2015

By 2017, ecommerce sales are estimated to reach $434 billion in the United States. We’ve been actually developing this site to add some ecommerce solutions and strategies after testing some automated reporting solutions last year. Much more to come in the next few months – we promise! Ecommerce Platforms developed this infographic with ecommerce strategies that will help you develop a sustainable business and focus on what you should do to succeed, from targeting the

The Dangers of SEO and How to Implement a Flawless Strategy

Yesterday we had a great regional conference organized by Revenue North. The topics ranged across business, technology and marketing and I opened the day with a discussion of the dangers of SEO. So much has changed in the search engine optimization industry. One of my attendees even joked with me that I had conflicting advice just a couple years ago. I did not disagree. I absolutely have changed my opinion of how SEO should be

Is Social Impacting Search Rank?

This is another one of those great arguments of causation versus correlation. Does getting social mentions directly impact your search engine ranking? Or is social a great barometer of activity on the web that generates other factors that influence ranking. Google and Facebook aren’t really friends at this point – with Microsoft having access to Facebook activity, it’s doubtful that Google has any insight (although they may through third parties). I don’t doubt that Google

Guide to SEO Automation

This infographic is called An Illustrated Guide to SEO Automation, but it’s really not about automation, it’s about the process required to improve your search engine marketing results with an ongoing strategy. Aspects of the process can be automated… but if you’re doing things like buying and automating backlinks, your company is heading for trouble. Search engine optimization is largely a manual process that requires you to do a lot of research, optimize your content,