50+ Online SEO Tools for Audits, Backlink Monitoring, Keyword Research, and Rank Tracking

We’re always on the lookout for great tools and with a $5 billion industry, SEO is one market that has a ton of tools to help you. Whether you’re researching you or your competitors’ backlinks, trying to identify keywords and cocurrence terms, or simply trying to monitor how your site is ranking, here are the most popular SEO tools and platforms on the market. Key Features of Search Engine Optimization Tools and Tracking Platforms Audits

How Are Marketers Using Social Media?

If you’re wondering how marketers are leveraging social media for their businesses, Hubspot pulled together an infographic snapshot to feature some of results from the 6,491 survey respondents of a survey executed by Moz. The data was released in a joint webinar between Hubspot and Moz today. One interesting stat, 44.4% of survey respondents said their proficiency level with social media was in the advanced or expert level! Infographic from: HubSpot Marketing Software. Disclaimer: We

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEOmoz released data from over 600 agencies that perform SEO for their clients. AYTM took the data and put it into a infographic, How Much Does SEO Cost?. One takeaway that was outstanding to see: Pure “SEO” consultants/agencies may be fading as broader “inbound marketing” services firms (offering SEO, social, content, conversion, analytics, etc) rise. The data showed 150 respondents (25%) saying they were primarily focused on SEO while a slightly greater number, 160 (26.7%),

SEOmoz Pro Toolset Review

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is absolutely critical for any online growth strategy. It’s true that social is a behemoth out on the horizon, but the fact is that about 90% of Internet users will do at least one search within an online session. Compound that with the fact that an active search user has an intent to make a purchase decision much of the time… and you quickly begin to recognize why all businesses should

Presentation: Intro to Search Engine Optimization

My first optimization came from the early days of SEOmoz simply from the free content on their site. As our new media agency has grown and SEO has become more important… and important to a social strategy… my time spent on SEOmoz and speaking to members has been increasing. This is a fantastic introduction to search engine optimization that Moz provided back when they were doing SEOMoz. It provides some clear insight into how search

SEOmoz Releases Mother of all SEO Apps

I’m a huge fan of Rand Fishkin and SEOmoz. Often I hear murmurs in the Search Engine Optimization industry about SEOmoz being right or being wrong… but I have yet to see a single organization amass as many resources, professionals, tools and tests with regard to SEO. Rand, himself, is another reason why I love SEOmoz. Recently, when I discovered a bizarre trend with one of my clients’ sites across their pages (millions of) pages,

Fun with Logos… Indy Coffee Shops

Those of you that have read my blog for a while know I love a great cup of coffee. My local friends know I love hanging out with the gang at The Bean Cup. It’s a fantastic coffee shop… great food, great people, live music and lots of comfortable chairs and room. Local Indy colleague Erik Deckers wrote about the independent coffee shops here and even built his own Google Map to show folks where