Seth Godin is Wrong About Numbers

As I was reading a blog post on a site, I came across a quote from Seth Godin. There was no link to the post, so I had to verify it on my own. Sure enough, Seth had said it: The questions we ask change the thing we make. Organizations that do nothing but measure the numbers rarely create breakthroughs. Merely better numbers. I have a huge respect for Seth and own the majority of

Respect My Authority

A couple years ago, I stopped looking for fans and followers. I don’t mean that to say that I didn’t want to continue gaining a following, I just mean that I stopped looking. I stopped being politically correct online. I stopped avoiding conflict. I stopped holding back when I had a strong opinion. I started being true to my beliefs and focusing on providing value to my network. This didn’t just happen with my social

Social Influencers

I think too many marketers look at social influence as if it’s some kind of new phenomena. I don’t believe it is. In the early days of television, we used the newscaster or the actor to pitch items to the audience. The three networks owned the audience and there was trust and authority established… so the commercial advertising industry was born. While social media provides a two-way means of communication, social media influencers are still

The Real Reason to Hire a Social Media Guru

Over the last decade, I’ve worked tirelessly to build an online following, authority, and eventually a thriving business. Now, I’m faced with people who wish to hire my services so I can help them do the same. At times it’s a great company with incredible talent and I’m able to deliver. Sometimes that’s not the case and I provide a different service. Through these years, I’ve watched others surpass me online and have learned a

Two More Tips that Seth Missed on Surveys

Nicki tweeted about Seth Godin’s post: Five Tips for Surveys. I think Seth missed a couple key tips: First, please don’t survey your customers unless you’re prepared to do something with the results. Second, I’d recommend every survey process starting with a single question, “Would you recommend us?” As Seth states in his post, asking one question can often change the person’s responses on the next set of questions. I’d always recommend sending this single

Staying Power: How long will you last?

Each medium you select has its advantages and disadvantages – one of them that’s not discussed very often is the staying power of a campaign. Seth wrote about Reebok a couple weeks ago and how they have a fully active campaign that they’ve, unfortunately, abandoned. Derrick Daye nominates the series in the Top 5 Best Superbowl Ads ever! Go to the site, though, and you get a 404 error. Today, we logged into one of

The monkey gods have spoken and Scott Adams writes a book!

Cartoonist Scott Adams has just released a book of writings from his blog, Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!: Cartoonist Ignores Helpful Advice. I’ve been reading Scott’s blog for quite a while and it’s, by far, the funniest blog I’ve ever read. Here’s a snippet from Scott’s latest post on an Indian Monkey Attack: According to the BBC, devout Hindus think monkeys are the manifestation of the monkey god Hanuman. Allow me to digress right

Fastest Growing Blog on the Planet?

Over a year ago (2005) I decided that I needed to set some technology goals for myself. Inspired by folks like Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, I dove into blogging, social networking, search engine optimization, and analytics as well as all the underlying technologies that drove them. It’s not been rocket science, but it has been an amazing period in my life. I’ve discovered what my passion is, and I’ve built