WordPress for Small Business

While there’s a ton of folks in the industry that push WordPress, it can be daunting for a small business without tech savvy to take on building out their WordPress instance. This is a great infographic that walks a person or team through what they need to understand and setup when planning and implementing their WordPress site. I also love this infographic because it requires the user to click-through to the interactive microsite to see

It’s Official, I’m on the Crackberry

After months and months of deliberation, I finally did the deed and purchased a Blackberry Curve 8330 tonight at the Verizon store. I’ve been using a Samsung touch screen for the last year and have missed countless calls, can’t synchronize calendars, and can’t stand having to look at it to answer a call. I’m a big fan of Apple, but I’ve been messing with my iPod Touch the last month to see if I could

Reputation is Authority’s Dark Shadow

The news is full of some incredible stories of humanity recently: Alex Rodriguez admits to steroids (strangely omitted from MLB.com’s AROD news page) Michael Phelps photographed smoking pot. He’s subsequently lost a huge endorsement deal with Kellogg’s. Even Barack Obama has had a couple tough weeks, trying to find cabinet members and pushing through a stimulus package that has sinking popularity. There are commonalities. Each of these people were at the top of the world.