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  • Marketing ToolszipBoard Online Proofing Collaboration Workflow Approval Platform for web, video, content, documents, code review, etc.

    zipBoard: Streamlining Proofing and Collaboration Workflows for Any Digital Asset

    Online proofing has become an essential process in the digital age, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness in various content creation, document collaboration, and marketing collateral. This systematic approach involves several prioritized steps, each crucial in maintaining the integrity and appeal of digital content. Brands utilize proofing processes and workflows to collaborate, verify, and approve: Accuracy and Quality: The primary goal of…

  • Marketing InfographicsViral Content Elements Infographic

    What Are The Common Elements of Viral Content?

    Personally, I believe the term viral is a bit overused, especially as a strategy. I do believe that there’s a strategy to make shareable content, though. There are many factors that can contribute to something going viral on the internet. Some of the most important ones include: Content – For content to go viral, it often needs to be interesting,…

  • Content Marketing

    7 Content Marketing Strategies That Inspire Trust and Shares

    Some content tends to perform better than others, winning more shares and more conversions. Some content gets visited and shared over and over, bringing more and new people to your brand. In general, these are the pieces that convince people that your brand has worthwhile things to say and messages that they would like to share. How can you cultivate an…

  • Content Marketing

    12 Ideas to Differentiate Your Content Marketing

    I love the fact that our readers stick with us even though we don’t get too wildly creative. Curating and publishing a ton of infographics helps differentiate our publication from others out there – but we’ve not gone too far beyond that. Our podcast interviews series with marketing leaders is one effort. Most of the reason we stick to concise…

  • Content Marketingshare psychology

    What Motivates You to Share Online? The Psychology of Sharing

    We share daily through our blog posts and social presence. Our motivation is pretty simple – when we find fantastic content or discover something ourselves, we want to let you know about it. That makes us a connector of great information and provides value to you, our reader. By doing so, we keep you engaged and hope to deepen our…

  • Content Marketingshare

    This is How You Share Content in Social Media

    If you truly want to maximize your reach on Facebook and Google+ when you share content, look no further than our client, Angie’s List. Many folks (like us) push our content to social media utilizing a host of publishing applications like Hootsuite or Buffer. The problem is that our articles are seen on Facebook and Google+ with minimal reach. Not…

  • Content MarketingInfographic Design and Production Workflow

    The Workflow of Infographic Production

    Managing infographic production for my clients and Martech Zone, I’ve learned a thing or two about producing infographics. It takes time to improve your workflow and design over time. Infographic production can take weeks or months to produce if you don’t have a proper plan or workflow. Here are a couple of tips to (hopefully) cut down time and get…

  • Content MarketingWhy Do You Blog?

    Why Do You Blog?

    I like to seek and pass on information. I have throngs of family, friends, coworkers, and clients who ask for my opinion, and I love to give it to them. Unfortunately, I have more questions and more folks needing assistance, so sometimes, even my family gets mad that I’m not responding. But it is what I’m good at. I like…

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