Not Getting Results with Your Blog? This Course Will Deliver the Results You Want

Are you struggling to get results with your blog? A blog can be a huge source of traffic and can help attract a large audience to your sales funnel.  But if you don’t know the process, techniques and tools for blogging, it can be a waste of time We recently ran a joint webinar with the Marketing Tech Blog and shared a blogging course that is getting amazing results with our customers so we are sharing this

How to Make Your Content More Shareable

The title of this infographic is really The Secret Formula for The Perfect Viral Share. I love the infographic but I’m not a fan of the name… first, I don’t believe there’s a formula. Next, I don’t believe there’s a perfect share. I believe there are a combination of factors and events that lead up to great content being shared. Some of it is just plain luck as it gets in front of the right

How Social Marketing Stacks Up with Traditional Advertising

I’m not opposed at all to advertising and paying for promotion, but many business owners and even some marketers don’t distinguish the difference. Often, social marketing is seen as just another channel. While it is an additional strategy to add to your marketing, social offers a far different opportunity. Social media has been disrupting the advertising landscape ever since it burst onto the scene and offered trackable metrics that marketers only dreamed of. With the

5 Elements of Viral Content

The good folks at Social Media Explorer have posted an infographic, 5 Key Elements of Viral Content, from Intersection Consulting. Personally, I don’t like the word viral for this infographic… I like the word shareable. Many times you can exceed expectations on each key element within this infographic – but it doesn’t mean that it’s going viral. Leo Widrich over on the Buffer Blog wrote a great post about what makes content spread. In it,

The Equipment and Apps that Keep Me in Business

The last six months have been challenging as I’ve started my own business. The biggest challenge is cashflow… you quickly find out that even though you’re working hard, money doesn’t necessarily flow in the door. As a result, I’m running lean and mean. I haven’t even really shopped for office space at this point. I thought I’d share a breakdown of my tools of the trade. I don’t have anything special and really work to