Privy: Grow Your Online Store Sales With This Complete Ecommerce Marketing Platform

Having a well-optimized and automated marketing platform is a critical element of every e-commerce site. There are 6 essential actions that any e-commerce marketing strategy must deploy with respect to messaging: Grow Your List – Adding a welcome discount, spin-to-wins, fly-outs, and exit-intent campaigns to grow your lists and provide a compelling offer are critical to growing your contacts. Campaigns – Sending welcome emails, ongoing newsletters, seasonal offers, and broadcast texts to promote offers and

Marketing Cloud: How to Create an Automation in Automation Studio to Import SMS Contacts into MobileConnect

Our firm recently implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud for a client that had about a dozen integrations that had complex transformations and communication rulesets. At the root was a Shopify Plus base with Recharge Subscriptions, a popular and flexible solution for subscription-based e-commerce offerings. The company has an innovative mobile messaging implementation where customers could adjust their subscriptions via text message (SMS) and they needed to migrate their mobile contacts over to MobileConnect. The documentation for

The Easiest Way To Minify Your Shopify CSS That’s Built Using Liquid Variables

We built out a Shopify Plus site for a client that has a number of settings for their styles in the actual theme file. While that’s really advantageous for easily adjusting styles, it means that you don’t have a static cascading style sheets (CSS) file that you can easily minify (reduce in size). Sometimes this is referred to as CSS compression and compressing your CSS. What is CSS Minification? When you’re writing to a stylesheet,

Rewind: How to Automatically Backup Your Shopify or Shopify Plus Store

The last couple of weeks has been quite productive with a fashion industry client that we’re launching a direct-to-consumer site for. This is the second client we’ve assisted with Shopify, the first was a delivery service. We helped this client build and brand a company, developed their product and marketing strategy, built their Shopify Plus site, integrated it to their ERP (A2000), integrated Klaviyo for our SMS and email messaging, integrated a helpdesk, shipping, and

Multichannel E-commerce Strategies for a Changing Holiday Season

The idea of Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a one-off blitz day has shifted  this year, as large retailers advertised Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals across the entire month of November. As a result, it has become less about cramming a one-off, single-day deal into an already crowded inbox, and more about building a longer-term strategy and relationship with customers throughout the entire holiday season, surfacing the right ecommerce opportunities at the right times