Why User-Generated Content Reigns Supreme In The Age of Social Media

It’s pretty amazing to see how technology has evolved in such a short period of time. Long gone are the days of Napster, MySpace, and AOL dial-up dominating the online market. Today, social media platforms reign supreme in the digital universe. From Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, these social mediums have become integral components of our everyday lives. Look no further than how much time we spend on social media each day. According to Stastista,

Scoutsee: Monetize Social Media with an Affiliate Storefront

Scoutsee is a mobile tool that allows anyone to make money by promoting products they love and use everyday on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The methodology behind the platform is pretty cool. Build your own store on Scoutsee, add your products, and then the mobile app enables you sharing updates to those products with a shortened URL to the product on your store. If a product is purchased via the post, the Scoutsee user receives a