WordPress: Create Sidebars Automatically For Each Category

I’ve been simplifying this site to improve speed times and to attempt to monetize the site better without irritating my readers. There are multiple ways that I’ve monetized the site… here they are from most to least lucrative: Direct sponsorships from partner companies. We work on collective strategies that incorporate everything from webinars to social media shares to promote their events, products, and/or services. Affiliate marketing from an array of affiliate platforms. I scour and

Blog-Tipping: RobNeville.net

Next on the list of Blogs to Tip is RobNeville.net. Rob’s blog is about “the human aspect of technology, both from an interface and usability standpoint as well as in terms of practical applications.” Rob likes the minimalistic style of his blog so I’m not going to toy with that (too much). Hehe, I think he’s done a nice job. One example is the very slight line between his content and sidebar – it’s a

My 10 Tips to Optimize Your Blog

Computer Shopper has an article on Optimizing Your Blog. The article has some advice that is useful but I don’t think they got their priorities right nor did they cover all the essentials. I’ve been steadily growing traffic to my blog over the last couple months. I’ve been carefully measuring my readership, the sources of my readers, and adjusting accordingly. I’ve learned a ton over the last few months. Here is my Top Ten: Don’t