Learn How to Increase Revenue By Harnessing The Awesome Power of Your Tiny Search Box

Search is the universal language. And the search box is the portal to all your answers. At home daydreaming about a new couch for your apartment? Google best sleeper couches for small apartments. At work trying to help a customer understand their subscription options? Search your intranet for the most up-to-date pricing and details to share with them.  At peak performance, search and browse boosts top and bottom line. Customers buy more and stay loyal,

Ampush: Facebook Ad Social Marketing Platform

Ampush helps brands and direct response advertisers with Facebook Ads, delivering a return on investment to large-scale brands and agency partners with the AMP 2.0 Social Marketing Platform. Ampush drives billions of social ad impressions per month across mobile and desktop native advertising platforms. The AMP 2.0 Managed Ad Platform: Launchpad – A dynamic, feed-based ad and content creation tool designed to quickly build, update, and manage thousands of ad units and groups through a