Visa’s Single Sign-On Checkout is a Winner!

Single sign-in has been proven effective across the board – either utilizing social logins to complete landing page forms, or now by using payment technologies to quickly convert a customer. Visa offers a single-sign on system called Visa Checkout that already has wide adoption. With rapid growth over the last 10 months, Visa Checkout has seen significant adoption and conversation rates. They’ll be kicking off some large co-marketing and advertising campaigns this summer. So far,

OpenID Installed and at the Ready!

If you’ve not heard about OpenID, it’s an interesting new technology on the web. Given all of the different websites and logins/passwords that one needs to remember these days, this technology could be either a blessing or a curse. On the bright side is the fact that you store your encrypted login and password on your server and anytime you login anywhere, it authenticates back to your server. On the negative side is what’s known