Tip: How to Find Similar Vector Images In Your Stock Photo Site With Google Image Search

Organizations often utilize vector files that are licensed and available through stock photo sites. The challenge comes when they want to update other collateral within an organization to match the styling and branding associated with previously released iconography or symbols. At times, this could be due to turnover as well… sometimes new designers or agency resources take over content and design efforts with an organization. This recently happened with us as we took over working

Enhance WordPress’ Internal Site Search Capabilities with Jetpack’s Advanced Search

Consumer and business browsing behaviors continue to change as they self-serve and seek the information they need without ever contacting your company. While taxonomies, breadcrumbs, related content, and design are critical user interface elements that assist visitors, internal site search is often overlooked. WordPress Site Search While WordPress has had an internal search functionality since its inception, it’s largely dependent on the editor’s abilities to optimize titles, categories, tags, and content. That can introduce experience

Ecommerce Features Checklist: The Ultimate Must-Haves for Your Online Store

One of the most popular posts that we’ve shared this year has been our comprehensive website features checklist. This infographic is a fantastic follow-up by another great agency that produces incredible infographics, MDG Advertising. Which e-commerce website elements are most important to consumers? What should brands focus time, energy, and budget on improving? To find out, we looked at a host of recent surveys, research reports, and academic papers. From that analysis, we found that

Google Site Search on SERP?

Good friend and co-worker, Marty Bird, pointed out this interesting feature that I’ve not seen before on Google. The ability to do a site search within an actual search result: I utilize Site Search quite a bit on Google. The syntax is quite easy and it’s usually faster than using a site’s internal search mechanism. If you wanted to search my site, for example, on tips for Indianapolis posts, the syntax is site:martech.zone indianapolis. In

WordPress: Track Site Searches with Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a nice feature, the ability to track internal searches on your site. If you’re running a WordPress blog, there’s quite a simple way to set up Google Analytics Site Search: Select your site in Google Analytics and click Edit. Navigate to a view in which you want to set up Site Search. Click View Settings. Under Site Search Settings, set Site Search Tracking to ON. In the Query Parameter field, enter the