8 Reasons Your Pay Per Click Strategy Is Failing

This month on Edge of the Web Radio, we’re walking through pay per click strategies, discussing use cases, and providing a ton of stats and information. Marketers recognize the incredible value that pay per click marketing can achieve in building awareness when you don’t have search authority, acquiring leads, and capturing relevant audiences that are ready to make their next purchase. That said, a common response we hear amongst PPC skeptics is: Oh, we tried

We’re Proof that Interest in Marketing Technology is Growing!

Our audience is growing. Not a little bit as it’s done gradually the last decade. It’s growing every single month as more and more companies are overwhelmed with the decisions that need made with regard to marketing technology. Martech Zone has grown its reach almost 40% year over year… averaging over 100,000 visits monthly along with ~75,000 email subscribers (now that we’re on CircuPress – the email platform we built for WordPress). Our Twitter, Facebook,

Echo Smartpen: Capture it. Replay it. Send it.

One thing is for sure in this industry… any meeting between two gadget geeks results in more gadgets being purchased! When Erin Sparks told me about his Echo Smartpen, I geeked out. Erin runs an Indianapolis SEO firm and, like us, attends quite a few meetings with clients. I’m one of those old guys that doesn’t like to take notes but then has to ask for more information later when I forgot what we spoke