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  • Content MarketingSonix Transcription Translation and Subtitling

    Sonix: Automated Transcription, Translation and Subtitling in 40+ Languages

    Previously, I shared that I had implemented machine translations of my content, which exploded the site’s reach and growth. As a publisher, the growth of my audience is critical to the health of my site and business, so I’m always looking for new ways to reach new audiences… and translation is one of them. In the past, I’ve used Sonix…

  • Content MarketingPodcasting with Zoom and Skype

    How to Record Multiple Local Guests on Your Zoom H6 With a Remote Guest in Garageband

    If you’re going to get serious about podcasting, I’d really encourage you to save up for a Zoom H6 Recorder. It’s just a simple device that requires almost no training to record with. Add some Shure SM58 microphones, portable microphone stands, and you’ve got a studio that you can take anywhere and get great sound with. However, while this is…

  • Marketing ToolsDroplr

    Is Droplr the Best File Sharing Tool Available?

    Box, Dropbox, Google Drive… with so many clients all utilizing different platforms, my client folders are a disaster. Once a week or so, I migrate all my client data to a neat and organized network share that’s backed up. Day to day, though, it’s been a disaster trying to locate and send files… until now. Our partner agency uses Droplr.…

  • Artificial Intelligence
    chatbots business

    How to Implement a Chatbot for Your Business

    Chatbots, those computer programs that mimic human conversation using artificial intelligence, are transforming the way people interact with the Internet. It’s not surprising that chat apps are considered the new browsers and chatbots, the new websites. Siri, Alexa, Google Now, and Cortana are all examples of chatbots. And Facebook has opened up Messenger, making it not merely an app but…

  • Content Marketingpodcast

    How to Record Premium Quality Audio via the Web

    With solutions like Skype, teleconference software, and VOIP, you’d think recording two people across the world from one another would be the easiest thing in the world. It’s not. And it’s quite frustrating. Sure, if you have two folks with excellent equipment and high bandwidth, it can be done. The problem arises when you have guests on your podcast from…

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