Presentation: 10 Proven Tips to Leverage SlideShare

I’ve had incredible success with SlideShare over the years, but have noticed that many of our clients haven’t been as successful. I have over 313 followers on SlideShare with well over 50,000 views as well as a couple presentations that made the home page of SlideShare. In the last few years, I’ve really learned how to get much more out of the platform than when I first starting using it. Some of the tricks I

Thank Goodness for Friends!

For those of you that noticed that I disappeared off the net this weekend, I apologize for not even posting a note or two. We had a bit of a family crisis at home that took all my attention and energy. No matter how important my blog is and keeping up my online reputation, nothing is as important as family. I am very thankful for my friends, online and offline, during these challenging times. I