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  • Event MarketingHow To Set Up PowerPoint In A Window for Virtual Events

    How To Set Up Your PowerPoint Slide Show In A Single Window for Virtual Events

    As companies continue to work from home, the number of virtual meetings has skyrocketed. I’m actually surprised at the number of meetings where the presenter has issues actually sharing a PowerPoint Presentation on screen. I’m also not omitting myself from this… I’ve goofed a few times along the way and delayed the start of a webinar due to issues I’ve…

  • Content MarketingBest Free Slideshow Makers For Mobile Apps, Desktop Software, and Online Platforms

    The Best Free Slideshow Maker Apps (Desktop Software, Mobile Apps, and Online Platforms)

    Good slideshow maker software allows you to develop impressive presentations or videos with various customizable tools such as templates, sounds, effects, text formatting and shapes, etc. The generated files are saved in various formats like . MPEG, MOV, .AVI or .MP4, etc. So they can be easily accessed on other platforms such as Android, iOS or computer. These presentations can…

  • Content MarketingGreat Presentation Design

    Find the Center of Gravity for Great Presentation Design

    Everyone knows that PowerPoint is the language of business. The problem is, most PowerPoint decks are nothing more than a series of overstuffed and often confusing slides that accompany nap-inducing soliloquies by presenters. Having developed thousands of presentations, we’ve identified best practices that are simple, yet rarely employed. To that end, we created Center of Gravity, a new framework for…

  • Content Marketingsearch distribution

    Smart Ways to Combine Content Marketing with SEO

    The folks at developed this infographic and named it Little Known Ways to Build High Quality Backlinks in 2014. I’m not sure I like that title… I don’t think companies should focus on building links anymore. Our local search experts at Site Strategics like to say that new strategies require earning links rather than actively building them. More importantly,…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingSmall Business Content Marketing Media Matrix

    The Small Business Content Marketing Media Matrix

    Content marketing strategies continue to change, especially with advancements in mobile technologies, and access to high bandwidth is becoming commonplace. Marketers need to be more resourceful in their approach to generating content. One thing we do is often work back in complexity… we design an animation and use the content for a webinar, we use that content for a presentation…

  • Sales and Marketing TrainingPowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

    PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts

    It doesn’t take much to get me excited. I was in a PowerPoint training class the other day. The class was okay… I got a couple of tips and a nice list of keyboard shortcuts. The best keyboard shortcut isn’t even specific to PowerPoint. Have you ever wanted to crop a portion of your screen and put it in your…

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