Digital Housekeeping: How To Market Your Post-COVID Property For Proper Returns

As expected, opportunity in the post-COVID market has shifted. And so far it seems clear that it’s shifted in favor of property owners and real estate investors. As the demand for shorter-term stays and flexible accommodations continues to climb, anyone with an address—whether it’s a full vacation home or just a spare bedroom—is well-positioned to capitalize on the trend. When it comes to short-term rental demand, there’s virtually no end in sight. Further, there’s no supply in

TapSense: A Complete Guide to Mobile Marketing for 2014

With the explosion of affordable smartphones on the market and inexpensive data packages, I’m not sure another strategy has risen as quickly as mobile marketing. Unfortunately, it’s also a strategy that hasn’t been adopted as quickly as its growth and popularity. If your company hasn’t deployed a mobile marketing strategy, the good news is that best practices were still being established. TapSense has put out a fantastic guide to mobile marketing. It’s a combination of