UltraSMSScript: Buy A Complete SMS, MMS, and Voice Marketing Platform With API

Starting a text message strategy can be a daunting implementation process. Believe it or not, carriers are largely manual even today… submit paperwork, have your data retention and privacy policies reviewed, sign off on SMS permissions. I’m not trying to understate the importance of compliance with this medium, but the frustration of migrating or integrating an SMS solution can be quite frustrating for a permission-based, legitimate marketer. The process for SMS Marketing is quite a

SlickText: What Are The Features And Integration Capabilities Of An SMS Marketing Platform?

Most businesses think about text messaging as just the ability to send a text message to a subscriber. However, SMS and MMS messaging have evolved over the years. Aside from basic compliance requirements, text message marketing platforms have evolved significantly with a plethora of engagement options, automation, segmentation, personalization, and integration capabilities. SlickText is a full-featured, feature-rich text messaging platform that’s solid for the basic business who just wants to do some text offers all

Why Technology is Becoming Critical to Restaurant Success

We have an amazing podcast that will be published soon with Shel Israel about his book, Lethal Generosity. One of the topics that struck me within the conversation was how many of the technologies that have been implemented to increase productivity and accuracy around customers actually just put the control of the transaction within the customer’s hands. There’s probably no greater challenge than running a successful restaurant nowadays. Between energy costs, employee turnover, regulations, and

7 Tips for Effective Digital Coupon Marketing

Good friend Adam Small has a mobile text marketing platform that sees incredible redemption rates on SMS text offers. One technique he told me about that a client that offered a bring a friend offer where you received a free shake when you brought a friend to the establishment. They would send the text out a half hour before lunch and there’d be a line out the door. It’s a great concept because you’re not

Mobile Marketing: Make it Personal

Hipcricket’s 2014 online survey, Consumer Attitudes on Mobile Marketing, was conducted in April 2014 and targeted 1,202 adults in the US. The survey found that Marketers are already adopting mobile and consumers are responding. Two-thirds of respondents said they’d received a text message from a brand in the last 6 months and almost half of consumers found the text message useful. However, marketers miss the mark when it comes to sending relevant, personalized messages, which