Does Snapchat Really Matter to Marketers?

In an impromptu poll in our Martech community, 56% of respondents said they had no plans this year of utilizing Snapchat for marketing. Only 9% stated that they were using it and the rest said that they hadn’t decided yet. That’s not exactly a standing ovation for a network that’s skyrocketing in growth. Personally, I find it confusing and still fumble around every time that I open the app. I eventually find stories and snaps

5 Ways Snapchat Can Be Used to Promote Your Business

As social mobile platforms rise in popularity, there’s always an opportunity to utilize the platform to communicate to and engage with potential buyers. Snapchat has obviously surpassed that expectation, with over 100 million daily users that are viewing more than 8 billion videos every day. Snapchat offers brands and content producers the opportunity to create, promote, reward, distribute, and leverage the unique interaction capabilities of the platform. How are marketers utilizing Snapchat? M2 On Hold

Could a Snap Be The Next Step In Your Buyer’s Journey?

In many ways, this all depends on who your customer is and what their journey is. Everyone knows about Snapchat at this point, right? Anyone still in the dark on this one? If so, here’s all you need to know… It’s one of the most popular social networks among 16 – 25 year olds, it’s worth a rumored $5 Billion, and it feels like no one is making money off of it. Now, part of