The StumbleUpon Lifecyle

We love StumbleUpon here on Martech Zone. In fact, it’s often our number one referral source. It’s also been the number one referral source of traffic on the web! StumbleUpon walks through some other advantages of its service here in this infographic – including the fact that the time that your link continues to refer visits is much longer than sites like Facebook or Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are an ongoing stream… links come and

Poll Results: How Optimistic Are We About Apple?

Last week’s poll came at a solemn time but it had to be asked… do people think that Apple would survive without Mr. Jobs at the helm? It’s an important question for folks in the marketing industry for a few reasons… first is the hardware the supports much of the digital publishing industry, second is supporting Apple goods (iPads, iPhones, Safari, etc.) and third, developing the staff of the future. Responses were favorable that Apple

Safari 4 Released – Firebuggishly Great!

Just installed the newest Safari (OS X Leopard, version 4) and there’s a couple great features I’ve already discovered. The most obvious addition is the panoramic preview of the sites you visit most (hmmm… something perhaps borrowed from Firefox?). The much more important feature I’ve discovered, though, is the inspect element feature (hmmm… something perhaps borrowed from Firebug?) As with any browser, Safari 4 is lightning fast since it’s just been released. It usually takes

What Are We Missing? Or Who’s Missing Us?

Robert Scoble asks, What are the tech bloggers missing? Your business! The post hit a nerve with me. Robert is absolutely right! As I read my RSS feeds on a daily basis, I’m tired of the same crap over and over again. Are Microsoft and Yahoo! talking again? Is Steve Jobs still running Apple? As Facebook continues to grow exponentially, will the ad revenue continue to suck? What is each founder of each mega-dot-com doing

Apple Taking Notes from Microsoft?

It seems every week I’m downloading another service update for Vista. Most recently, Vista had a Service Pack on the same day that Apple had their 10.5.3 update for OS X Leopard. Since the update on Leopard, I’ve been having tons of issues using a browser… whether it’s Safari or Firefox. Today I decided to reinstall Safari to see if I could fix this once and for all. When I started the installation, I was