Social Suite: Social Media Management for Large, Multi-Location Enterprises has launched Social Suite, a social media management solution designed specifically for large, multi-location enterprises that integrates the entire span of customer engagement on the web, from online reviews and customer surveys to social listening and community management. Large enterprises struggle to meaningfully engage with customers in local communities across social media channels. Further, social media is typically isolated from customer survey and online review management applications. “The challenge with existing social media tools

The State of Online Collaboration

The world is changing. The global market, off-shoring, remote workers… all of these growing issues are hitting the workplace and requiring the tools that go with them. Within our own agency, we use Mindjet (our client) for mindmapping and process flows, Yammer for dialogue, and Basecamp as our online work repository. From Clinked’s Infographic, The State of Online Collaboration: Our experience, and that of our competitors, is absolutely unequivocal: 97% of businesses using collaboration software

Expanding your Readership

Whether you’re a corporate blogger or just have your own blog, one of growth factors of your blog will depend on your ability to reach new readers who are not aware your blog exists. I do this through a number of techniques… in order of importance they are: Commenting on other blogs, especially when they are in the same industry. I find them through Google Alerts, Blogsearch on Google, and Technorati. I publish my RSS