Are You Really A Social Media Consultant?

Last night I had the incredible opportunity to go to both meet and listen to three-time Indianapolis 500 winner, Helio Castroneves. I was the guest of co-host and performance coach David Gorsage, who asked if I would provide social media updates throughout the event. As I organized hashtags, followed sponsors, and got to know the VIPs in the room, one racing professional quietly leaned in and asked: Are you really a social media consultant? The

How a Lack of Social Response is Hurting Your Business

We’ve already quantified the business impact of poor customer service with regard to social media. What about simply responding? Did you know that 7 out of 8 social messages directed at brands go unanswered within 72 hours? Compound that with the fact there’s been a 21% increase in messages to brands globally (18% in the United States) and we’ve got a real problem on our hands. In it’s most recent Sprout Social Index, they’ve calculated

12 Steps to Social Media Marketing Success

The folks at BIGEYE, a creative services agency, have put together this infographic to assist companies in developing a successful social media marketing strategy. I really love the breakout of the steps but I also empathize that many companies don’t have all the resources to accommodate the demands of a great social strategy. The return on building an audience into a community and driving measurable business results often takes longer than the patience of leaders

Social Customer Service for Marketeers

Customer service IS marketing. I’ll say it again… customer service IS marketing. Because the way you treat your customers is promoted on social media, ratings and reviews every single day, your customer service is no longer an indicator of customer satisfaction, retention or value. Your customers are now a key arm to all of your marketing efforts because they share readily online. While Marketing Teams aim to increase brand awareness and lead generation through pushing

Your Lack of Responsiveness is Destroying Your Social Media Strategy

The folks at Brickfish, a firm that assists major brands with their social, mobile and digital strategies have put together this infographic that provides insight to a huge issue in social media. Most brands think they provide superior customer service on social media but the reality is that 92% of consumers disagree! Ouch. We’ve said it before but too many companies decide to utilize social media for marketing and don’t have a customer service process

Wealthy Customers Want Social Customer Care

A key social media marketing strategy must incorporate customer service. Many companies differentiate the two, but your customers don’t have any such separation. Once you’re social, they’re going to utilize this channel for questions, comments and complaints. The good news is that you can really show of your customer service skills in public, thereby marketing how well you do it with prospects. What companies may not realize is that it’s your customers with the largest