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    leadsift social intelligence

    LeadSift: Capture Intent and Actionable Insights with Social Media

    Businesses are constantly trying to capture data on prospects and customers to both find and attract leads, and then to keep and upsell the customers they acquire. There’s a ton of technologies out there to attempt to capture this data. Some of the sources are inaccurate and others out of date. Too bad there wasn’t a source of information that…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingSocial media data insights for business

    5 Insights Social Media Data Can Reveal for Your Business

    With social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook on the meteoric rise, companies are beginning to incorporate data collected from these social sites and their users into many aspects of their business, from marketing to internal Human Resources issues – and with good reason. The sheer volume of social media data makes it incredibly difficult to analyze. However, various…

  • Mobile and Tablet Marketing

    10 Technology Blogs You Didn’t Know About

    Technology Blogs are important to Martech Zone. When I write about how a specific technology is impacting marketing, it’s often motivated by a technology blog. They typically do a great job in covering the news and opinions about technology, but miss on the practical marketing applications of it. The big boys are always trying to get the biggest news scoop,…

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