Social Media Marketing 101

How do I get started on social media? This is a question that I continue to get when I speak on the impact of social media on a business’ marketing efforts. First, let’s discuss why your company would want to be active on social media. Reasons Why Businesses Use Social Media Marketing Here’s a great explainer video on 7 ways that your social media marketing can drive business results. How To Get Started With Social

LeadSift: Capture Intent and Actionable Insights with Social Media

Businesses are constantly trying to capture data on prospects and customers to both find and attract leads, and then to keep and upsell the customers they acquire. There’s a ton of technologies out there to attempt to capture this data. Some of the sources are inaccurate and others out of date. Too bad there wasn’t a source of information that was continuously updated accurately and often by people. There is! People consistently and repeatedly leave

Infegy Atlas: Intelligent Answers from Social Media

Missing from much of the research I view online is he context of the statistics provided. I find that the statistics are misleading (often on purpose) and based upon windows of ideal circumstances or unusual events. However, they’re shared anyways. Case in point, I’m quite confident that virtually any medium would tell you that they have the best return on investment. It’s impossible for everyone to be the best… and more importantly, best is subjective.

newBrandAnalytics launches Pulse, Real-Time Social Intelligence

newBrandAnalytics (nBA) has launched Pulse, a cloud-based platform that helps customers like McDonald’s, David’s Bridal, DICK’s Sporting Goods and Subway gain real-time visibility into trending topics and conversations that impact their brand and product perception. Pulse includes social listening software that gathers individual comments and conversations, provides trending data and allows the brand to react in real-time. Pulse has three definitive features: Early detection and warning system – Pulse automatically sends an alert to identify

nBA Insight: Actionable Social Business Intelligence

newBrandAnalytics delivers social intelligence solutions for the restaurant, hospitality, government and retail industries. They decipher and analyze reams of social media feedback and translate it into operational insights at local, regional and brand levels for their customers. Here’s an overview of how nBA is utilized in the Restaurant Industry: nBA Insight collects and processes massive amounts of unstructured social media comments about your business at the local, regional, and brand level, so that you can

NetBase: Enterprise Social Intelligence Platform

NetBase, formerly Accelovation, is an enterprise social intelligence platform that allows market researchers to measure their social media engagement. The Net Base Monitoring Platform empowers marketers with real-time monitoring and measurement tools that provide instant and interactive insights into what drives customer opinions and behaviors. The NetBase Insight Workbench provides market researchers with a set of analytics, charts and research tools. Here’s an example of Netbase’s BrandPassion Index, used to determine competitive analysis of a

Converting Email Addresses into Social Intelligence

The number of vendors out there able to merge your email and customers lists with social data is shrinking. More and more social media platforms are adding privacy settings to reduce the spread of this information. Flowtown and Rapleaf don’t appear to provide social profile information anymore. The single standout in the industry appears to be Fliptop (who have also purchased Qwerly). Fliptop converted its business late in 2011 to just doing social intelligence enhancement.

Blogger’s Blood Boils as SEO Misinformation Spreads

Posted by Christina Warren: To us, the type of SEO attacks revealed this week are only a few steps away from what tons of bloggers/websites do every day: purposely try to game search engines just so they can get more hits to their site, and by extension, maybe make a few extra dollars. Unless you are running a straight-up scam link-farm or very, very lucky — the highest search engine rank in the world is