Social Media Advertising Growth and Its Impact on Digital Marketing

Marketers have had to change nearly every aspect of their ad approaches to keep up with consumer behavior and technological trends. This infographic, How Social Media Has Changed The Ad Game from MDG Advertising, provides some of the key factors driving and influencing the shift toward social media advertising. When social media advertising first arrived on the scene, marketers used it to simply connect with their audiences. However, today’s marketers have had to change many

The Impact of Digital Marketing Trends on Credit Unions and Financial Institutions

Colleague Mark Schaefer recently published a post, 10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing, that is a must-read. He asked marketers throughout the industry how marketing was shifting profoundly. One area that I see a lot of activity in is the ability to personalize the relationship with the prospect or customer. I stated: This data flow could mean “the death of mass media and rise of targeted, personalized marketing experiences through ABM and

What is Programmatic Advertising & Marketing?

The marketing technology is progressing right now and many people may not even realize it. Digital media started with communication and media-centric marketing. An example might be that a company would create its schedule of content, sales, advertising and mail. They may tweak and optimize them for delivery and optimal click-through rate, but more or less the content was delivered on the schedule of the business – not the lead or customer. Marketing automation brought

The Questions That Aren’t Being Asked About Ello

I’m sure someone is asking these questions, but I’m going to take a stab at it anyways because I haven’t found them. I joined Ello quite early – thanks to my friend and fellow marketing tech addict, Kevin Mullett. Immediately, within the small network I roamed and discovered some amazing people that I had never met before. We began sharing and speaking… and it was quite amazing. Someone even commented that Ello had that new

Social Media Advertising is a Failure

When I got into traditional media marketing, I was immediately pulled into what could be accomplished with data. Data directed our testing and verbiage in direct marketing and advertising, gave us accurate reporting and measurement, and provided us with a much clearer picture of who they were, what they wanted, where they were, where they wanted and how they wanted it. Campaigns were very complex combinations of long-form letters, post cards, newspaper advertisements, voice calls,