I Believe B2B Social Media Marketing Success is Exaggerated

Let’s start this conversation by saying all of my evidence is anecdotal. I haven’t done any widespread research to prove my instincts; I just continue to have more and more people whispering to me that they don’t use social media to drive results. And they’re not suffering at all; their companies are doing great. “Wait!”, you declare, “They could be doing so much better!” Nope. One of the companies has over 100% growth YoY in

The Social Media Return On Investment You’re Not Measuring

Many online marketing and social media professionals are nearsighted. The impact of social media return on investment is well beyond direct clicks to purchases. Your social media strategy will generate revenue indirectly through a number of paths.

Social Media + Analytics = Inaccurate

If I were to ask you which source provided more traffic to your site, Twitter or Facebook… how would you determine that? The majority of web analytics users would log in and look at their referring sources and come up with the value. That’s a problem. Some companies simply add “twitter.com” as a referring source and think that it does the trick. Not the case. The count of referring visitors from twitter.com is only those