Listening Isn’t Enough. Your Social Strategy Needs these 4 Elements for Success!

Absolutely love the message here from South Africa’s premium retailer Woolworths. Digital Editor Sam Wilson discusses how Socialbakers‘ products, Analytics and Builder, enable her team to drive brand engagement and deliver powerful social insights to company executives. Woolworth’s strategy is beyond simply listening and responding via social media. There are 4 other elements mentioned by Sam that have helped them succeed, both externally and with their internal leadership. Analysis – access to slice and dice

Quintly: Social Media Tracking and Benchmarking

Quintly is the professional social media benchmarking and analytics solution to track and compare the performance of your social media marketing activities. Quintly provides a practical solution that allows you to benchmark your social media profiles with competitors and best practice examples to optimize your social media performance. Currently, quintly supports both Facebook and Twitter monitoring – with YouTube on the way. Quintly Features: Export And Share – Instantly share your social media metrics with