Social Media Marketing Industry

Reading Time: < 1 minute has developed an infographic, the Social Media Marketing Industry, that selects key data from Social Media Examiner’s 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry report. The Infographic covers the latest Social Media Trends, Social Media Challenges, Strategy of social media marketers and lot more. In my opinion, the top challenges are spot on. While our technologies continue to improve, companies are still struggling to fully leverage social media, find influencers, measure return on investment, build audiences,

Social Media + Analytics = Inaccurate

Reading Time: 3 minutes If I were to ask you which source provided more traffic to your site, Twitter or Facebook… how would you determine that? The majority of web analytics users would log in and look at their referring sources and come up with the value. That’s a problem. Some companies simply add “” as a referring source and think that it does the trick. Not the case. The count of referring visitors from is only those