Enterprise Social Media Marketing Platform Features

If you’re a large organization, there are typically six critical aspects of enterprise software that you always need: Account Hierarchies – perhaps the most requested feature of any enterprise platform is the ability to build account hierarchies within the solution. So, a parent company can publish on behalf of a brand or franchise beneath them, access their data, assist in deploying and managing multiple accounts, and controlling access. Approval Processes – enterprise organizations typically have

Scale: Data Storage in a Box!

This may be a bit of a geeky, techy, post but I just had to share it with you. One of the objectives of Martech Zone is providing folks with information on technology as well as marketing – so you’ll see some cool posts on technology in the mix from time to time. If this post begins to read like Klingon, just pass it on to your CIO. I’m sure he will be impressed! This