BlitzMetrics: Social Media Dashboards For Your Brand

BlitzMetrics offers a social dashboard that monitors your data across all your channels and products in one place. No need to search for metrics across all the various social platforms. The system provides reporting on your top fans and followers to help you build brand awareness, engagement and ultimately – conversions. Most of all, BlitzMetrics help marketers understand when and what content is the most effective so that you can adjust your messaging according to

Can Retailers Strike Gold on Facebook?

According to Foresee… yes. Foresee is releasing some findings on some retail statistics associated with Facebook today. Here are some of their findings: 56% of shoppers to top e-retail websites who interact with social media websites have elected to ?friend? or ?follow? or ‘subscribe? to a retailer on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. This is an amazing testament to customer loyalty and interest in social engagement. Shoppers are actually choosing to engage