How Businesses Should Be Interacting with Each Social Media Platform

My opinion of social media is often different with those in my industry. Theoretically, I love social media and the opportunity it offers businesses to reach customers and prospects on a personal level. The reality has been very different, though. I’ve watched businesses attempt to utilize social media the same way they do other marketing channels. In some situations, this has led to incredible embarassment… robotic responses made publicly to a savvy social media user

Does Your Business follow Social Media Etiquette Best Practices?

Social media etiquette… the expression makes me squirm. It seems there’s always someone trying to apply a set of rules to everything nowadays and I can’t stand it. Of course there are unacceptable behaviors online and offline… but the beauty of the platform is that whether or not you follow the so-called rules, you’ll see the results. Here’s an example… I follow a large email service provider on Twitter and they’ve twice DM’d me with

The Social Media Rules Police Strike Again!

For as long as people have known me, I’ve been railing against the rules police in social media. They truly drive me absolutely insane. For ten years, one of the arguments that continues to surface is whether or not you should connect with people you don’t know online. It surfaced again yesterday when I shared Dan Schawbel’s post, Why I Accept All LinkedIn Contact Requests. Dan lists 5 reasons why he connects with strangers, including