We’re Proof that Interest in Marketing Technology is Growing!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Our audience is growing. Not a little bit as it’s done gradually the last decade. It’s growing every single month as more and more companies are overwhelmed with the decisions that need made with regard to marketing technology. Martech Zone has grown its reach almost 40% year over year… averaging over 100,000 visits monthly along with ~75,000 email subscribers (now that we’re on CircuPress – the email platform we built for WordPress). Our Twitter, Facebook,

Here are 33 LinkedIn Tips for you to Tweet!

Reading Time: 3 minutes There aren’t too many days that I’m not reading an update from LinkedIn, connecting with someone on LinkedIn, participating in a group on LinkedIn, or promoting our content and business on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a lifeline for my business – and I’m happy with the upgrade I made to a premium account earlier this year. Here are some fantastic tips from leading social media and LinkedIn users from around the web. Be sure to share

Social Media Marketing Industry

Reading Time: < 1 minute GO-Globe.com has developed an infographic, the Social Media Marketing Industry, that selects key data from Social Media Examiner’s 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry report. The Infographic covers the latest Social Media Trends, Social Media Challenges, Strategy of social media marketers and lot more. In my opinion, the top challenges are spot on. While our technologies continue to improve, companies are still struggling to fully leverage social media, find influencers, measure return on investment, build audiences,

Safari 4 Released – Firebuggishly Great!

Reading Time: < 1 minute Just installed the newest Safari (OS X Leopard, version 4) and there’s a couple great features I’ve already discovered. The most obvious addition is the panoramic preview of the sites you visit most (hmmm… something perhaps borrowed from Firefox?). The much more important feature I’ve discovered, though, is the inspect element feature (hmmm… something perhaps borrowed from Firebug?) As with any browser, Safari 4 is lightning fast since it’s just been released. It usually takes

Internet Explorer Rethinks its Usability

Reading Time: 2 minutes IE7 has some great strengths, but I’ve also written why I believe it’s losing market share and frustrating for the average user to use… specifically the menu system that spans the far left and far right of the application. I wrote about IE7 and it’s terrible usability a little over a month ago. It appears the IE team has rethought their strategy with the upcoming maintenance release of IE7. The menu bar will now be