4 Strategies Your Business Should Be Executing Using Social Media

There’s a lot of conversation about the impact or lack of impact of social media on B2C and B2B businesses. Much of it is downplayed because of the difficulty in attribution with analytics, but there’s no doubt that people are utilizing social networks to research and discover services and solutions. Don’t believe me? Visit Facebook right now and browse for people asking for social recommendations. I see them almost every day. In fact, Consumers are

How Your Business Benefits from Social Media Marketing

We just wrote a post that was critical on the comparison of email marketing and social media marketing, so this infographic from The Social Lights is perfect timing. Email requires that you collect someone’s email address in order to communicate with them. However, social media provides a public medium where your message can be echo’d well beyond your direct followers. In fact, 70% of marketers have successfully used Facebook to gain new customers and 86%

Social Media and the Business Strategy

Seems like an appropriate cartoon (from Geek and Poke) after my presentation on Social Media and Business. Found via Search Engine People.