What is Social Media Monitoring? Everything You Should Know!

Perhaps we should start with why. Sometimes we discuss social media monitoring with clients, and they say they’re not on social media so they’re not worried about it. Well… that’s unfortunate because even though your brand isn’t participating in social conversations, it doesn’t mean that your customers and prospective customers aren’t participating. Why You Should Monitor Social Media An upset customer discusses their frustration online. Our agency had a difficult engagement a few months ago

Infegy Atlas: Intelligent Answers from Social Media

Missing from much of the research I view online is he context of the statistics provided. I find that the statistics are misleading (often on purpose) and based upon windows of ideal circumstances or unusual events. However, they’re shared anyways. Case in point, I’m quite confident that virtually any medium would tell you that they have the best return on investment. It’s impossible for everyone to be the best… and more importantly, best is subjective.

Alterian SDL|SM2: Social Media Intelligence

Alterian SDL|SM2 is a social media intelligence solution that provides companies with visibility into their presence in the social landscape and reveals where the relevant conversations are occurring, who is participating, and what customers think about them. Founder Mark Lancaster explains why SDL is key to your company’s online marketing efforts: This tool contains all the run of the mill functionality that most tools in the social media marketing offer, but goes that extra mile