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  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingE-commerce influencer marketing secrets

    5 Secrets to Making Influencer Marketing Work for Your E-Commerce Campaigns

    An old rule for salespeople is to stay in front of their target audiences. Today, that means being visible on and available through popular social media channels. After all, Pew Research suggests that around seven out of every ten consumers use social media. This trend keeps growing year after year and shows no signs of reversing course.  Yet being on…

  • Analytics & TestingCustomer Retention

    How to Improve Customer Loyalty with Digital Marketing

    You can’t retain what you don’t understand. When focused on constant customer acquisition, it gets easy to get carried away. Okay, so you’ve figured out an acquisition strategy, you’ve made your product/service fit into the customers’ lives. Your unique value proposition (UVP) works –  it entices conversion and guides purchase decisions. Do you know what happens after? Where does the user…

  • Analytics & Testing
    social media measurement

    How to Measure Social Media Success

    Measuring the success of social media is harder than most people believe. Social media has three dimensions: Direct Conversions – this is where most marketers are looking to measure the return on investment. A link brings a visitor directly from a social media post or share through to a conversion. However, I don’t believe that’s where the majority of the ROI…

  • Analytics & Testinglogo banner 2

    Statdash: Build the Ultimate Dashboard

    It seems like each day we’re having to add another tool to monitor some new metrics that provide feedback on our clients. Over time, we’ve collected a number of SaaS subscriptions that we’re logging in and out of on a daily basis. It’s so complex that we’ve sought out development resources – but it’s going to be costly to integrate…

  • Mobile and Tablet Marketing

    Google Adds Forms to Google Spreadsheets

    I’m an avid user of Google Spreadsheets. Google just added an intriguing feature that Marketing folks might be interested in to do data capture (example: contests and opt-in programs) without the need for professional development. You can now build a form to post directly to your Google Spreadsheet! This is still a far cry from a robust application like Formspring,…

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